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In every PROBLEM has a solution,
if don’t have a solution it is the REALITY.


Moodle Basics | Moodle

Moodle is an online learning management system used across the UW-Madison campus in addition to Learn@UW. Individual Moodle servers are run by various colleges and departments. For example, the College of Engineering’s eCOW2 system runs on Moodle. Because Moodle is an open source system, each college or department can customize their instance of Moodle to fit their faculty’s needs. Find out who to contact about Moodle in your school, college, or department.

Course Files

The Course Files area is a repository for files related to your course site.You may create a folder structure, upload files, and then link to the files one‐by‐one. The course files area can be useful if you have multiple instructors and designers using/updating the same content and working on the same course site .